Quiet Light Brokerage Interviews 101 Commerce

Why This Company’s Buying Up Amazon FBA Businesses (+ What They Look For) - Quiet Light Brokerage

Why would an experienced and successful veteran of online business start a company that’s buying up FBA businesses at speed? Why would that company purposely put all its eggs in the Amazon basket? Take a look at what they’re doing at 101 Commerce right now, why they’re doing it, and what we can learn from this gutsy acquisition strategy going into 2019.

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CNBC Covers 101 Commerce: Announces Series A Financing to Launch Global Ecommerce Platform

CNBC covers 101 Commerce’s Series A Financing: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/07/globe-newswire-101-commerce-announces-series-a-financing-to-launch-global-ecommerce-platform.html

The Series A investment was led by Next Coast Ventures with participation from 3 L Capital, Brian Sharples, founder of HomeAway, and Cotter Cunningham, founder of RetailMeNot.. “The operating leverage that Amazon FBA provides private label brands is incredible, and this funding enables us to acquire multiple brands and build infrastructure to grow them further,”

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